Gordon Platt, Esq.

Gordon Platt

Gordon Platt, Esq.

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Gordon Platt is a Partner and Co-Founder at Platt Law LLP, and the principal of the firm’s New York office. His practice primarily focuses on cybersecurity, privacy, anti-fraud and investigations, as well as on trusts, estates and general business law.

Admitted to the Bars of New York and Massachusetts in 1989, Gordon Platt has made a successful career in complex international investigations. 

He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School and is a graduate of Dartmouth College (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, High Honors), where he majored in Russian and Government and received a Reynolds Fellowship for postgraduate study, as well as the Woodbury Law Prize. He also received an M.Sc. in Russian History and Politics from the London School of Economics where he was a recipient of the Leonard Schapiro Scholarship.

As a former producer for ABC News based in New York and Washington, DC, Mr. Platt received the prestigious Emmy and Columbia Dupont Awards. 

As an independent producer and director, he was the recipient of a Silver Gavel from the American Bar Association (ABA) for his coverage of corrupt law enforcement in Texas. His investigative work was a significant factor in the pardoning of 35 people wrongly convicted as the result of a corrupt investigation. 

Other important works include extensive investigations of illegal arms and nuclear procurement networks, money laundering, and international and domestic terrorism. 

Mr. Platt was also the founder of a nation-wide media production company and strategic communications consulting firm. He has organized series of international conferences around the United States and in the UK on a variety of legal topics including anti-money laundering, fraud and anti-terrorism financing.

Today, Mr. Platt primarily focuses on enabling clients to thrive in the face of emerging cyber threats and other challenges posed by rapidly changing world economy and new technologies, such as blockchain and generative AI. He combines his multidisciplinary background and professional experience as an attorney with the unique skills gained during his successful work as a journalist. 

Mr. Platt’s legal practice is informed by an extensive network of personal contacts and experts developed over the course of almost three decades in the field, and he has created an international network of lawyers, law enforcement professionals, forensic investigators and anti-fraud experts in over 20 countries.