Platt Law


Cyber Law

Legal advice and representation in administrative, civil and criminal matters relating to cybersecurity, data protection and privacy

A Next Generation Law Firm

Effective cyber law advocacy demands knowledge and experience in technology, corporate investigations and communications

Multidisciplinary Team

False Claims Act Investigations Defense

Our Senior Counsels have at least a decade of practice in cybersecurity or complexcorporate investigations

Global Network

International e-Discovery Assistance

We work with law firms from around the globe to provide jurisdiction-specific advice and facilitate communication with authorities

AI & Technology Friendly

AI & Technology Friendly

We utilize the latest legal-tech tools and AI solutions to deliver the highest quality of work quickly and effectively

Cybersecurity Auditing Services

Policies &
Procedures Review

We review and help improve cybersecurity policies and procedures for compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Incident Response Plan Review

We review and help improve incident response plan to incorporate the most recent legal and regulatory requirements

M&A Cybersecurity
Due Diligence

We perform comprehensive assessments of acquisition targets for cybersecurity best practices, breach history and other risks

Cybersecurity Litigation Services

& Privacy

We help manage all aspects of a case representing both defendants and plaintiffs in courts

Board Member
& Executive

We represent companies and management in administrative, civil and criminal cases related to data breaches

False Claims Act Investigations Defense

We review FCA investigations or charges to provide optimal defense or to negotiate a settlement

Cybersecurity Legal Advisory

Strategic Advisory for Boards & Executives

We provide ongoing legal advisory on data protection and compliance to corporate management


We develop incident response strategy including review of legality of paying ransom to recover stolen data

Foreign Cyber Law & Regulation Review

We deliver regular reports on the evolution of cybersecurity, data protection and privacy laws worldwide